Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti gifts may be tax deductible for 2009 tax year

Every now and then, Congress does something really simple that makes sense. It's rare, so we like to highlight it. This week, the House of Representatives passed legislation that will allow anyone who makes a gift to Haiti relief efforts by the end of February to deduct it on their 2009 taxes. It's a great idea, as many have been moved to give, and it may encourage more gifts.

However, this is just the House bill - for this to become law, it has to make its way through the U.S. Senate, and then be signed by President Obama. So, don't count on it just yet.

Either way, this is a worthwhile cause. Give - but only to organizations that are well-established and in ways that are familiar to you. If you ask us, texting to give from your cell phone isn't a good idea - it's too easy for that to be fraud.

If you want to give, click here:

Read more about the House of Representatives action in The Washington Post:

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