Friday, March 28, 2014

AARP Retirement Calculator: Are You Saving Enough?

Are you looking for a fun, free, and easy method to try estimating your retirement? We discovered the AARP Retirement Calculator, a neat online device that can make thinking about your future and retirement a little more enjoyable. Using the calculator can be a great way to check if the plan you currently have for your financial future should allow you to retire when and how you want. Discover all your options and how the choices you make today and in the near future could ultimately affect your retirement finances!

Before using the calculator, we encourage you to read our list of “Pros and Cons of Using the AARP Retirement Calculator”:

  • Using this calculator can be a good starting checkpoint to see if you are currently on track for retirement, currently way off track for retirement, or somewhere in between.
  • After inputting your information, click on “Options” to see what changes you can make in retirement to help you have more income available if needed or desired.
  • At any point, you can also go back to the “About You” section and change answers, allowing you to see how different choices starting now could possibly affect how much income will be available to you in retirement. This can be a helpful tool if you are able to actually implement some of these changes in your life, such as how much of your income you and your partner save for retirement each year.
  • When deciding your lifestyle in retirement, click on “Learn more about Retirement Lifestyle Assumptions” and you can manually input what percentage of your current lifestyle expenses you plan to have in retirement.
  • The calculator does take into consideration the multitude of creative ways you can collect more Social Security income (to be discussed in next week’s blog!)
  • The calculator cannot substitute for the valuable knowledge and experience of a financial advisor. This tool should only be used for fun to see where you are at now and how different decisions could affect your future outcome, but make sure you discuss any officially changes in your retirement plans with your financial advisor.
Think you’re ready to give it a try? Click here to Get Started.

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