Monday, July 1, 2013

Exciting News!

We are very excited to inform you about the launching of our new Pinterest account! Each Monday through the month of July, The Family Investment Center will be blogging “Ten Things You Need to Know About…” Each post will be featured on our Pinterest. We encourage you to follow us on Pinterest and check out our boards!

The Launching Pin for our Pinterest is Ten Things You Need to Know About Family Investment Center:

1.       We have been serving clients since 1998.  We use proven strategies and quality investments to best meet the needs of our clients. Family Investment Center had their 15 year anniversary on June 1st.

2.       We serve clients like you.  Family Investment Center was built from the ground up to serve families similar to yours.

3.       We manage over 100 million dollars in client assets. 

4.       We operate in a commission-free environment.  We do not earn commissions for selling certain products.  We are fee-only, meaning we charge only a small percentage of each client’s assets annually. 

5.       We have a broad selection of products to choose from.  Commissions typically limit the products that are available to clients to the products that provide commissions to the broker.  Fee-only advisors aren’t tied to a certain group of products since we don’t depend on commissions.

6.       We enjoy economies of scale.  Our clients benefit from volume pricing on investments, which means lower costs across the board for our client families.  When you lower cost, you increase your net investment return.

7.       Each investment portfolio has a dedicated team working on the individual portfolio.  Our team brings “group think” in a very positive way to ensure the best practices are being utilized. 

8.       We have had numerous media mentions.  We are proud to have such a strong presence in the St. Joseph Community and beyond.  We have been mentioned in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Kiplinger, Medical Economics, and many others.  To view our media mentions, please click here.

9.       We use social media to educate and connect.  Check out our website at and our blog at  You can also find us on Facebook at Dan Danford and Family Investment Center, on Twitter at family_finances, and on Pinterest at Dan Danford Family Investment Center!  

10.   We serve clients in 13 states from one office in St. Joseph, Missouri.  We have fine-tuned our processes to allow us to efficiently serve folks all over the nation from one office.  This allows us to keep overhead costs down, which in turn means we can keep our management fees low. 

Stay tuned for the next featured pin!

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