Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NFL Players: Financial Success Comes from Practicing the Fundamentals

Fox News shared some sobering information in this recent story about a few famous NFL players and their finances:  "Five Bad FinancialFumbles by NFL Players" by Clark Palmer.

Here’s the player and the lesson:

·     John Elway - Seek credible advisors who are part of the community. The National Association of PersonalFinance Advisors (NAPFA) offers a free questionnaire to help any investor choose a reputable advisor. Click here for the questionnaire.
·     “Deuce” McAllister - Don’t over-commit. Don’t exceed 10-15 percent of your net worth for starting a new business.
·     Mark Brunell - Spend as much time thinking about a new venture’s failure as success. What is the downside risk?
·     Drew Bledsoe - If investing in a new venture, check out the people running it.
·     Dez Bryant - Figure out how much you can really afford for housing, food, entertainment, and investments.
These are important lessons for any investor. Focus on the fundamentals for success.
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