Friday, February 8, 2013

Danford registered to advise NFL players

Taken from the St. Joseph News-Press article "Danford registered to advise NFL players" by Jimmy Myers, January 31, 2013

"Dan Danford, principal/CEO of Family Investment Center in St. Joseph, said the association’s new system of doing background checks and confirming the credentials of financial advisers approved him to work with players.

In years past, players could choose whoever they wanted as a financial adviser. Now, the association’s registered financial adviser program includes a list of experts who can help players reduce the likelihood of sudden loss of wealth, fraudulent investments and other issues.
Mr. Danford said players have an average lifespan of three years on the roster. The league minimum salary in the NFL is $400,000. The payoff is big, but brief, and these players, he said, need quality representation.
'Because they are high visibility,' Mr. Danford said, 'they can be easy prey.'
He said he did not know how many other financial advisers have been approved by the NFL Players Association. His firm, he added, likely will attract players who are interested in conservative investments, not high-risk ventures like opening nightclubs.
'They have a high standard of living, and then all the sudden it’s gone,' he said of investments gone wrong.
Mr. Danford recently completed a six-year term on the Missouri Western State University Board of Governors."

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