Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How not to blow it with financial aid

In Rachel Louise Ensign's Wall Street Journal article "How Not to Blow It With Financial Aid," she explains common mistakes parents and students make when seeking help with college costs.  Some of the common mistakes include:

  • Earning too much at the wrong time.
  • Letting the wrong family members hold college money.
  • Making assumptions about what schools will offer.
  • Thinking merit money is all about grades and SATs.
  • Not applying for all the aid you're eligible for.
  • Figuring the "expected family contribution" is all you're paying.
  • Going for the loan with the lowest interest rate.
  • Thinking an aid offer is set in stone.
  • Figuring aid will be about the same all four years.

Click here to read the full article for more information.

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