Thursday, August 26, 2010

You can't afford to skip exercise

We caught this great blog post on Boomer-Living about fitness, and wanted to share it with you. (You can follow Boomer-Living on Twitter @BoomerLivingNow - and of course we're at @family_finances.)

The basic premise is that sometimes folks cut luxuries when times are tight, as they are right now for a lot of people. But exercise is something you really can't afford to cut - and if you aren't in shape, consider starting an exercise routine.

First of all, fitness doesn't have to cost - walking is free, and great exercise for those who may not have had a previous fitness routine. The options that writer Angelena Craig outlines are low cost, and also good choices for seniors, or anyone, really. You can check out a 75-minute segmented video by Angelena outlining yoga using a chair for free right here:

The truth is, if you neglect your health through a lack of exercise, you'll likely spend a lot more later repairing the damage you've done in earlier years. This is preventive - and something you can't afford not to do.

Read on for the whole post.

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