Thursday, August 12, 2010

How much money would make you feel wealthy?

By Dan Danford

We've often tossed around the word wealthy in our offices, with some of our folks saying we shouldn't use it, because those who are don't like to talk about it, and sometimes, they don't even feel wealthy, even though they may be. And those who aren't wealthy are jealous. It's a tainted word, really, wealthy, and all the various subsets of it - wealth, etc.

So this story caught my eye today, even though it's from a few days ago. CNN Money did an interesting story on how much money it takes for us to feel wealthy, complete with a handy calculator to tell us where we fall for our income and age. It's a fascinating story, and the calculator is particularly intriguing. Plug in your age and annual salary and it will tell you what the median net worth is for your age, and then the median net worth for your salary. Take a look and see where you fall.

And you tell us: how much would it take for YOU to feel wealthy?

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