Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pay attention when remodeling

By Robyn Davis Sekula

So let's say you want to remodel your house with hopes of selling it and gaining back most of that investment. Be careful how you spend those rehab dollars, reports Remodeling Magazine. It matters what you do and how you do it if it's important to you to get that money back.

The photo I posted with this article shows my renovated attic, which we turned into an office in January 2007. Adding space by remodeling an attic or basement is one of the better choices, MSN says. "You get more bang for the buck putting money into a basement or attic upgrade than adding a wing to the house," the article states. "Some of the highest-return projects include a deck addition and quick, conservatively priced replacements of old siding, entry door or windows."

Here's a summary of the article and more great information on>1=35000

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