Thursday, October 17, 2013

PIMCO: Stay The Course

PIMCO (PacificInvestment Management Company, LLC) produced a market-relevant article earlier this month entitled “Stay The Course”.  This article discusses four (4) reasons why long-term investors should remain focused on their goals and not fear rising rates.  Click here to view the full article (with visuals!) in PDF form.

1)  Rising Rates Build Income:  With interest being the primary driver of bond returns, reinvesting into a gradually rising rate environment can actually help build long-term growth.  When rates rise, new bonds may pay higher, which can increase what you (as a lender) receive in the long run.
2)  Lower Volatility Helps Preserve Capital:  During uneasy times in the market, investors are often reminded why fixed income investments can be solid anchors for their portfolios.  Bonds have historically been less volatile than stocks, while also providing capital preservation, income and growth, and low-to-negative correlations to equities.
3)  Cash ‘Safety’ Comes at a Price:  Investors concerned about market fluctuations and short-term bond volatility may be tempted to withdraw their investments until prices stabilize.  However, with cash and money market investments typically yielding rate of returns close to zero, and especially after accounting for inflation, these types of investments can actually provide a negative return.  Compounding over the long-term, maintaining investments in bonds will almost always generate a higher rate of return.
4)  Experts Have Access to a Diverse Toolset:  Although mainstream media tends to focus on U.S. Treasuries (which are the most sensitive to changing rates), the “market of bonds” is exceedingly diverse and global, including corporate and high yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, floating rate issuers, emerging market bonds, and many others.  Since each sector or asset class responds differently to economic and market trends, a skilled bond fund manager should be capable of diversifying a portfolio which can defend against capital losses while also capturing a range of growth opportunities.
PIMCO is the world’s largest bond investor and one of the world’s largest active global fixed income investment managers.  As of the end of 2012, PIMCO had $2 trillion in assets under management.

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