Monday, September 12, 2011

Tips for Surviving Spouses

The Circumstance: Often, a surviving spouse is faced with daunting financial decisions at a time of maximum vulnerability. A survivor sometimes receives large life insurance payments, legal settlements, retirement benefits, and money from other sources.

The Danger: Unfortunately, some individuals and firms market to these vulnerabilities with carefully devised presentations and strategies. Some boast bogus expertise or empty promises. Products are often very expensive, inappropriate for the individual, and inflexible for future years.

The Culprit: A commission schedule is the culprit. Most financial products are distributed through expensive sales channels. A commissioned broker, insurance agent, or financial planner earns high sales commissions for marketing annuities, mutual funds, or IRA rollover accounts. Since survivors often control large pools of money, a crafty sales organization can create hefty profits. Many do.

The Solution: Take away the sales commissions and you take away the problem. At Family Investment Center, we offer:

• Genuine compassion for grieving survivors
• No product sales
• Honest advice on the full spectrum of investments
• Honest expertise gained through decades of investment, trust, and life experience
• Genuine credentials earned through higher education, national trade organizations, and government regulation
• Fair and reasonable prices for professional services rendered
• Commission-free (“fee-only”) investment management services (if desired)

The Price: Free initial consultation. Registration, organization, and clerical services are available for an hourly fee. Investment management services are provided for an annual percentage of account value. Special projects quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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