Friday, September 17, 2010

You can't afford to go without health insurance

The Kansas City Star's Dollars and Sense Blog reported this week that 7 million Americans lost employer-sponsored health insurance last year. That's a huge number - but it's somewhat expected, since we've seen lots of layoffs and downsizing in the past few years.

This is what the U.S. Census Bureau reported:

Census data released today said 50.7 million Americans lacked health insurance in 2009, from 46.3 million in 2008. That was the highest number of uninsured since the bureau began collecting such information in 1987.

If you want to read the original summary of key findings from the survey, go here:

Most Americans get their health insurance through their work, and if they lose their job, some may not be able to afford to pay for it privately. Here's something you need to understand though: going without health insurance, no matter your age and health, is a huge gamble. Even though you may be in terrific health, you could easily be involved in a car accident or suffer from a previously undiagnosed condition. If you're without health insurance, and something happens to you, it can leave you bankrupt. You cannot afford to be without it.

Shop around for quotes. Independent insurance agents may be able to help you find a deal that you can afford. Some opt for a high-deductible plan that would kick in if anything catastrophic happens, but doesn't cover the everyday doctor visits. You should also check with your state to see if you're eligible for any sort of state plan.

Whatever you do, don't go without. You can't afford it.

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