Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dow tops 10,000 for first time in one year

By Dan Danford

Anyone in the financial industry had cause to smile today as they watched the Dow Jones Industrial Average climb over 10,000 for the first time in a year. What a wild ride it's been.

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We are excited to see the markets above 10,000 again. It surely demonstrates that investors are regaining confidence in the system, and that some sense of normalcy seems to be returning. Some companies are starting to see profitability again, and that's reflected in their rising stock prices. Of course, we have to also note that the recent past has seen highs on the Dow of 14,000, and lows of 6400. This has been a period of ridiculous volatility and we're hopeful - emphasize hopeful - that further good times lie ahead. No matter what, this is an encouraging sign, and we're pleased for Family Investment Center clients and other investors around the world.

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