Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let it out

By Dan Danford

Every have one of those days when you're just really fed-up? Well, I have, and here's my thoughts on everything that's bugging me. Feels good to put fingers to keyboard and let it all out. Post what's bugging you in the comments section! It's cathartic.


I'm tired of scavengers and do-gooders who make a living off the misery of others.

I'm tired of liberals who bash businesses, then tax the hell out of them.

I'm tired of conservatives who praise entrepreneurs, then tax the hell out of them.

I'm tired of political parties and grandiose agendas.

I'm tired of pharmaceutical manufacturers who use advertising as a competitive weapon.

I'm tired of wealthy movie stars speaking out for the working class.

I'm tired of teachers, preachers, and creatures of every sort that demand more money.

I'm tired of celebrity talk shows.

I'm tired of self-important people who hide their true agenda behind lofty-sounding community service.

I'm tired of quasi-leaders who advocate collaboration as a manipulative technique.

I'm tired of media types who create headlines or stories without true depth or understanding.

I'm tired of public servants who despise the public.

I'm tired of anyone advocating charitable spending, who wouldn't in a million years spend their own money.


I'm tired of ignorance about personal investing and finance.

I'm tired of working hard for anybody who doesn't appreciate it.

I'm tired of CNBC and sensational business journalism.

I'm tired of anyone who can't learn some simple and fundamental rules of economics.

I'm tired of offering quality, value-oriented services to a broad marketplace of folks who choose not to understand.

I'm tired of amateur investors, who lavish (often) bad advice on co-workers, friends, and relatives.


I'm tired of anyone who does the easy thing instead of the right thing.

I'm tired of socially adept, but morally-challenged people.

I'm tired of wealthy or privileged people who have massive entitlement issues.

I'm tired of egocentric personalities who focus totally on themselves or their children.

I'm tired of people who can't read the newspaper or converse intelligently about current events.

I'm tired of manipulation.

I'm tired of arrogance.

I'm tired of users.

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