Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring break shouldn't break the bank

We spend a lot of time on Twitter, giving out a daily financial tip. If you’d like to follow us, please do. We’re @family_finances. Here’s a series of tips we’ve given out on Twitter that all center around getting a good bargain on spring break. The tips began March 2 and are all marked with #springbreak.
1. If you’re planning a spring break trip, pay for as much as possible with debit versus credit. Most hotels will accept debit.
2. Ask hotels for a better rate when booking your spring break trip. Remember your AARP, AAA memberships.
3. Rental car prices are competitive. Comparison shop. Ask for discounts. Remember your AARP, AAA memberships.
4. Consider sharing a condo with friends rather than a single hotel room on spring break. Might be cheaper.
5. Your kids don’t need a fancy spring break trip to have fun. Simple joys work well for small kids.
6. Don’t even consider buying a timeshare. They’re almost impossible to sell and chances are, you won’t use it.
7. Choose flights at unusual times to save on airfare. Check both online and by phone for good prices and compare.
8. Trip insurance usually isn’t worth it. If you can’t afford to lose what you’re spending on the trip, you shouldn’t go.

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