Monday, February 9, 2009

Medical Economics publishes article on flexible retirement planning

Medical Economics magazine, one of the top publications for physicians, named the Family Investment Center to its list of top financial planners for doctors. This is at least in part because of our fee-only structure that is more customer-friendly, and doesn't bias us in favor of any one company or product. We're proud of this award, and followed up that success by Dan penning a column about the need for flexibility in planning. We've excerpted part of that column below, and linked to the full article on the Medical Economics home page if you'd like to read the entire article. It applies far beyond physicians. Everyone needs a flexible retirement plan that can change with their needs. Read on below.

The post-war baby boom has become the post-millennium retirement boom. Grandma and Grandpa put all their savings in bank certificates, and that was probably OK when the typical retirement lasted 5 or 10 years. Today’s prospective retiree, however, faces different challenges and a broad array of products and ideas.

Think back on the past 30 years: How much change have you endured? Family. Friends. Profession. Geography. Technology.

Would you be content living on the same salary you earned in 1979? The same car? The same house? Now gaze ahead to 2039. Are you willing to lock in financial solutions today? Even the best products in today’s marketplace are likely to evolveduring the next three decades.
Read the entire article here:


  1. I thought this was really thought-provoking. It has made me rethink and re-examine my own retirement savings.


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